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Arjun Singh told how the Chief Minister of West Bengal Smt. Mamta Banerjee after coming into the power misused her supremacy against the people of this state. During the ruling party of CPIM where around 56 factories that was closed was supposed to be opened by the TMC supremo was made private as “P.C. Bhaipo Pvt. Ltd “ company. Being very close during his reign with the TMC supremo he disclosed how ‘Didi’ earned rupees 1 crore 80 lacs by selling the portrait. Out of the 9.5 crores population in West Bengal only 6.5 crore population are given rations but around 3.5 crores ration are being exported to the neighbouring country Bangladesh and if objected by any BSF officials are alleged by giving rape cases against them. He also told that as compared to Afghanistan where Cannabis/Gaanja is cultivated, West Bengal stands first where the party workers are accussed for Gaanja cases by the police officers of West Bengal, but he reminded that if BJP comes into power the party workers later than should not be blamed for the Gaanjaa cases against them or in short tit for tat as he reminded about the police officer Rajib Kumar who was how used by Didi and now thrown away- Use & throw is equal to Mamta Banerjee. M.P. Arjun Singh is very much confident in this election as he told that two days before the countings of the result both Didi/PC & Bhaipo will run away even his nephew will not support her if asked for the accounts of money.

As the Sun rises is a fact so shall in West Bengal, the lotus flower will bloom. His speech was followed by the M.P. of Durgapur Shri S.S Ahluwalia where he told this is the time where the people of West Bengal now wants change/parivartan through BJP. M.P of Asansol Shri Babul Supriyo gave slogan “ 20 te half 21 a Saaf “ means BJP in West Bengal in 2021.

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